What do I look for when buying ski goggles?

With the right equipment, fun on the mountain is guaranteed. This also applies to the right ski goggles. They guarantee you a perfect view and offer protection from wind, sunlight and other skiers. In bad weather conditions, your vision is significantly improved and in case of a fall, you are additionally protected.  

So, now you want to buy a new pair of ski or snowboard goggles. There's a huge range on offer, and apart from function and fit, they should also look really good on you. But what do you have to look out for? We have summarised the most important points for buying goggles so that you can reach your goal quickly.

1. fit & size

Ideally, the glasses should rest evenly on your face without pressing against your nose. The frame size is also important. Glasses that are too small will restrict your field of vision. Fine-tuning is then done by the elastic strap, which you can adjust individually to suit you and your helmet. Feel free to try out different manufacturers.  

2. helmet

Please make sure you bring your helmet with you when you buy your goggles. Both parts must be compatible to avoid pressure points, draughts and limited vision.   
If you don't have a helmet yet, the same applies. Goggles and helmet should be compatible and form a unit. You can find advice on buying helmets in our Schikönig blog!


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3. glass colours and interchangeable lenses

Fog, sun, snowfall - there is a suitable lens for all weather conditions. Most manufacturers solve this task with interchangeable lenses. Oakley, for example, offers a special technology in which the lens automatically adjusts to the light conditions (you can find various Oakley models in the Schikönig Shop).  
- Snow, fog or night skiing: Yellow, orange or pink lenses are the best choice here. They enhance the contrasts and prevent reflection in the snow. This makes it much easier to see bumps and holes.  
- Pure sun - here you should choose dark or mirrored lenses to filter out UV radiation.  
- If the sun and clouds alternate, you will have the best view with green, blue or brown lenses. They are the absolute all-rounders and are also recommended for very dense fog when yellow lenses are no longer sufficient. 

4. spherical or cylindrical lenses

Ski goggles with a cylindrical lens offer you top value for money. Here the lens is horizontally curved, i.e. slightly flatter, and can display a slightly distorted image of the surroundings.  
With spherical lenses, the lens is curved like a panoramic view, it offers you an improved all-round view and is therefore also somewhat more expensive than cylindrical lenses in terms of price.


Photo source: Amer Sports / Atomic - Schikönig Kaufberatung für Skibrillen

5. ski goggles for spectacle wearers

If you don't want to do without your optical glasses and prescription ski goggles are too expensive for you, there are now OTG ("over the glass") solutions from almost all manufacturers. The frames are usually a little more generous and the ventilation system a little more sophisticated.   
Another alternative is helmets with visors (see also our buying guide for ski helmets in our blog). High wearing comfort and sufficient ventilation ensure optimal fun on the slopes.

6. care

A microfibre cloth is your best friend here, please do not use your jacket or a handkerchief for cleaning. You will only spread the dirt evenly and the chance of scratching the lens is quite high. 

It is best to wash off dirt from your ski goggles with lukewarm water. Carefully wipe dry with the microfibre cloth and let the strap air dry. Please keep away from hair dryers and heaters, as the goggles could become distorted. 
Please do not scratch! If, for example, something sticks to your lens, please do not use sharp objects or your fingernails. Again, use water and a microfibre cloth carefully.  

Once your ski goggles are dry, it is best to store them in a suitable goggle case.  
For a personal consultation, just come and visit us at Schikönig. We offer a large selection of ski goggles and sunglasses.  

We look forward to seeing you!  

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