Ski & Snowboard Service in Kappl/Ischgl
We wax, grind and mount your equipment for you!

Our team repairs fast and uncomplicated, even if larger repairs are due. In addition to our expertise, we also have the right tools at the Skikönig. We have one of the newest service machines on the market, the Reichmann SF-4!  

If you are a ski racer or a real professional on the mountain, you are in good hands with our senior Josef. He has been preparing and repairing equipment for ski racers in Paznaun for over twenty years with great success.

Please make an appointment for Josef's special service!  We need a little longer in processing!


What does the ski or snowboard service cost?

Our prices are based on the actual effort for the ski service. Our standard service is fully automated after inspection, unless a major base repair is necessary.

You are welcome to come by spontaneously, we will do the ski & snowboard service immediately. We prefer you to drop off your skis in the evening and pick them up again the next morning. 



crown Service (grinding & waxing)

€ 12,-
(special offer price until 23.12.2021)

crown Large Service (grinding, waxing & touching up)        € 16,-
(special offer price until 23.12.2021)
crown Racing Service € 45,-*

*Individual adjustment to the skiing skills, manual edge grinding, special racing wax. Please note when booking that the processing time for a racing surface takes about 12 hrs. Please contact our team by phone or email for our special service.



When is a ski service necessary?

Edge and base wear out after a few days of skiing. This means that the service condition of your snowboard or skis has a significant impact on skiing performance, safety and fun on the slopes. 

How often you wax and grind your equipment depends a lot on how much time you spend on the mountain and at what level you are skiing. Conditions should also not be underestimated. If you're on artificial snow a lot, for example, wear and tear is much higher than in powder.

You should definitely go for service if:

  • You lose speed in flat areas => have them waxed.
  • You don't grip the edges in icy conditions => sharpen the edges
  • Skis or snowboard flutter => check the base profile

It is best to have your skis or snowboard waxed as soon as you notice the first white spots on the base. As a rule of thumb, service after five to seven days of skiing.

Source for pics: Reichmann