1. Is it possible to rent ski clothing?

Winter sports clothing cannot be rented from Skikönig. We have some articles in our assortment, from gloves, thermal underwear and caps to helmets and ski goggles. In the village of Kappl there is a partner shop "Intersport Ladner", which is well equipped if you still need clothes. But only for sale.

2. Which skis/snowboards can be rented from the Skikönig?

In the Skikönig you get the latest and highest quality models every season! In the categories GOLD, PLATIN & DIAMANT you‘ll find the absolute top skis from our manufacturers. For example, this year we have the X9 S from Atomic in the DIAMANT category. This racing ski is the absolute top model of Atomic in the X-series. It is very important for us to offer individual equipment and therefore we don‘t rent any special models online.

3. How do i find the most suitable Ski for me?

Whit your booking process we get some infos about your phisys and your skills. At the pick up you’ll get help not only from employees, but also 25 years of experience which leads us to find the perfect ski for everyone.

4. How ist he price set up in the Skikönig?

During the booking process you will see the gross rental prices for the selected period next to the available item. When booking a ski, the price always includes a pair of poles, when booking a snowboard, the binding. The binding settings and the ski service are included.

5. In what condition are the rented items from the Skikönig?

All our equipment is in best condition. All skis and snowboards are always fully serviced, including waxing and grinding. At the beginning of the season all models offered in the upper categories are new. In the SILVER and BRONZE categories the models will be a maximum of two seasons old as long as they meet our high standards. Otherwise they will be replaced and exchanged during the season.

6. How can I pay at the Skikönig?

On site you can pay cash, by Maestro debit card or by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD). Online you can pay by cradit card or KLARNA (bank transfer).

7. How can i cancel/add or change a booking?

If you wish to add or modify your order, you can do so up to 3 days before your arrival and it will remain free of charge for you.

A free cancellation of the booking is only possible due to illness, injury or other serious reasons. Should the reason for cancellation be an illness or similar, SKIKÖNIG must be notified immediately via our cancellation form or by mail at rent@skikoenig.com. A medical confirmation must be added. If there is no case of illness and no cancellation package has been booked, no cancellation and therefore no refund is possible. 

8. Do you have an insurance against theft, breakage or loss?

We have two types of insurance packages. These are written on the booking page with "Basic" and "Complete". Those who book the "Basic" insurance package reduce their deductible to 20%. With the "Complete" insurance package, you have full protection and don‘t pay a deductible in the event of loss, breakage or theft. Any theft report will only be accepted with a theft report from the local police. In the event of loss, a loss report must be set up and submitted immediately. If you have a collision, please bring the defective item back to the rental. Do not dispose!