Rent or buy skis?

It's autumn here in Tyrol! And in contrast to you, we are already preparing everything for the coming ski season in Kappl and Ischgl. Maybe you are already planning your skiing vacation. In addition to hotel and travel costs, ski passes and equipment hit the budget. Maybe your ski equipment is getting on in years and you are thinking about renting ski equipment this year. We have created a small summary to help you with your decision:


If you decide to rent equipment, you will not have to pay the high purchase costs for skis, poles and boots. So for those who don't ski regularly, rental skis are usually cheaper.

Locals used to buy their own ski equipment, but here too we are noticing a change in trend. Especially with children: Here we have been offering a favorable seasonal rental for years. Because children need new skis or snowboards almost every year and often a change of equipment is necessary during the season. All no problem with the Schikönig annual rental for children's skis.
It is also important to remember that you always have the latest ski models to choose from in the ski rental. Every year our stock is renewed and expanded with top skis.

Material care

Rental skis are always in top condition. The edges are freshly sharpened, the base waxed and the ski or snowboard is technically up to date. So you don't have to worry about the material care at the end of the season. You come comfortably to us in the Schikönig, get the freshly prepared material and off you go to the slopes.

Of course we also offer an excellent ski and snowboard service. You are welcome to book this on site or by phone. Click here for the ski service with our senior chef Josef.

Skiing level

You are sporty ambitious, a beginner ski is actually no longer the right thing for you, but it is already in your basement, what to do - rent skis. Another advantage is that you rent skis every season that fit your skiing level. If the material does not fit, it can be exchanged at our ski rental.

How much space do I have?

Is it worth buying a roof rack or box? Do we have enough space in the basement for all the ski equipment of the family - if you can answer this with no, then rental skis are the answer here as well. You arrive comfortably at our place in Paznaun, park directly in front of the ski rental and simply take your rental equipment with you.
If you book online in advance, there are always special online discounts! Click here for booking.

If you really have no space in the car, contact us, they can organize a transport to your accommodation for sure.


Imagine you are with us in Kappl, overnight it has snowed half a meter of fresh powder and you don't want to ski on the slopes. A day in freeride paradise requires the right "powder slats" - the simple solution is to come to us in the Schikönig early in the morning, choose your skis and be the first to arrive at the lift.

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